Former Sabbatical Visitors

Anders Hellman

Professor, Chemical and Applied Physics, Centre for Catalysis

Chalmers University of Technology
Gothenburg, Sweden
Email: anders.hellman (at)

Alfredo Juan (Fulbright Visitor)

Dean and Full Professor of the Department of Physics / Senior Researcher CONICET

Universidad Nacional del Sur and National Scientific Research Council (CONICET)
Bahia Blanca, Argentina
Email: cajuan (at)

Enrico Smargiassi

Professor, Department of Theoretical Physics

University of Trieste
Trieste, Italy
Email: smargiassi (at)

Alessandro Fortunelli (S01)

Institute of Chemistry of Organometallic Compounds, CNR

Pisa, Italy
Email: alessandro.fortunelli (at)

G. Barney Ellison

University of Colorado, Boulder

Boulder, CO
Email: barney (at)

Christopher R. Anderson

Professor of Mathematics

Los Angeles, CA
Email: Anderson (at)

Hsiu-Yao Cheng (S95)

Professor of Chemistry

Tunghai University
Taichung, Taiwan
Email: hycheng (at)

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Shenzhen Xu (P17)

Assistant Professor

Peking University
Beijing, China
Email: xushenzhen (at)

Ananth Govind Rajan (P19)

Assistant Professor

Indian Institute of Science
Bengaluru, India
Email: ananthgr (at)

Sai Gautam Gopalakrishnan (P17)

Assistant Professor

Indian Institute of Science
Bengaluru, India
Email: saigautamg (at)

Junwei Lucas Bao (P18)

Assistant Professor

Boston College
Newton, MA
Email: lucas.bao (at)

Beatriz Gonzalez del Rio (P17)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA
Email: beatriz.gonzalez (at)

Xing Zhang (P16)

Theoretical and Computational Scientist

California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA
Email: zhangxing.nju (at)

Mark Martirez (P15)

Assistant Project Scientist

University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
Email: jmarkm (at)

Kaili Jiang (P18)

Postdoctoral Associate

Rutgers University, Newark
Edison, NJ
Email: fudanfuzhong (at)

Qi Ou (P17)

Shui Mu Scholar postdoctoral research assistant

Tsinghua University
Beijing, CHINA
Email: qiou (at)

Vincent Spata (P16)

Postdoctoral Researcher

Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
Email: vspata27 (at)

Houlong Zhuang (P15)

Assistant Professor

Arizona State University
Phoenix, AZ
Email: zhuanghl (at)

Tom Senftle (P15)

Assistant Professor

Rice University
Houston, TX
Email: tsenftle (at)

Caroline Krauter (P14)

Senior Scientist II

Schrödinger GmbH
Karlsruhe, Germany
Email: krauter.caroline (at)

Kuang Yu (P13)

Assistant Professor

Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute, Tsinghua University
Shenzhen, China
Email: yu.kuang (at)

Mohan Chen (P12)

Assistant Professor

Center for Applied Physics and Technology (CAPT), College of Engineering,
Peking University
Beijing, China
Email: mohanchen (at)

Christoph Riplinger (P13)

Managing Director

FAccTs GmbH
Cologne, Germany
Email: cr (at)

Youqi Ke (P10)

Assistant Professor, School of Physical Science and Technology

ShanghaiTech University
Shanghai, China
Email: keyq (at)

Johannes M. Dieterich (P12, RGM 15-18)

Deep Learning Engineer

Advanced Micro Devices
Austin, TX
Email: dieterich.joh (at)

Gbenga Oyedepo (P12)

Email: gbengao (at)

Dalal Kanan (Ph.D. ’13, P13)

Adjunct Professor of Natural Sciences

Adjunct Professor of Natural Sciences
Fordham University
New York, NY
Email: dkkanan (at)

John A. Keith (P10)

R.K. Mellon Faculty Fellow in Energy / Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA
Email: jakeith (at)

Florian Libisch (P11)

Associate Professor, Institute for Theoretical Physics

Vienna University of Technology
Vienna, Austria
Email: florian.libisch (at)

Maytal Caspary Toroker (P09)

Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Technion Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, Israel
Email: maytalc (at)

Ana Belen Muñoz-García (P11)

Assistant Professor of Department of Physics “Ettore Pancini”

University of Naples “Federico II”
Naples, Italy
Email: anabelen.munozgarcia (at)

Michele Pavone (VG04, P10)

Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry, Department of Chemical Sciences

University of Naples “Federico II”
Naples, Italy
Email: mipavone (at)

Doron Naveh (P08)

Senior Lecturer

Bar-Ilan University
Ramat-Gan, Israel
Email: doron.naveh (at)

Ashwin Ramasubramaniam (P06)

Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst, MA
Email: ashwin (at)

Ivan Milas (P06)

Senior Research Scientist

Universal Display Corporation
Ewing, NJ
Email: ivanmilas (at)

Nicholas Mosey (P06)

Professor in Departments of Chemistry and Physics / Associate Dean (Research) of Faculty of Arts & Science

Queens University
Ontario, Canada
Email: moseyn (at)

Patrick Huang (P03)

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

California State University, East Bay
Hayward, CA
Email: patrick.huang (at)

Berit Hinnemann (P05)

Head of Global Intelligence, Corporate Strategy

Haldor Topsoe A/S
Lyngby, Denmark
Email: berit (at)

Karin Carling (VG02, P03)


Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant
Email: karin.carling (at)

Kyle Caspersen (P02)


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, CA
Email: caspersen3 (at)

Arun Venkatnathan (P01)

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research
Pune, India
Email: arun (at)

Ashok Arya (P00)

Scientific Officer ‘H’ Professor, Chemical Sciences

Homi Bhabha National Institute
Mumbai, India
Email: aarya (at)

Yan Alexander Wang (P97)

Associate Professor of Chemistry

University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada
Email: yawang (at)

Frank Starrost (P99)

Project Manager, PMP

Head of Team Defense Solutions
T-Systems GEI GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
Email: frank.starrost (at)

Thorsten Klüner (P00)

Professor of Theoretical Chemistry

Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg
Email: Thorsten.kluener (at)

Niranjan Govind (P96)

Chief Scientist

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, WA
Email: niri.govind (at)

Stuart C. Watson (P96)

Email: scw (at)

Asbjørn Christensen (P96)

Senior Scientist

DTU Aqua,
Technical University of Denmark,
Kgs. Lyngby,
Email: asc (at)

Eyal Fattal (P96)

Head of the Applied Mathematics Department / Senior Research Scientist, Applied Mathematics Department

Israel Institute for Biological Research
Ness Ziona, Israel
Email: eyalf (at)

Antonio J. R. da Silva (P95)

Professor of Physics, Departamento de Materais e Mecanica

Instituto de Fisica – Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Email: ajrsilva (at)

Irina V. Ionova (P91)

Senior Programmer

Countrywide Home Loans
Westlake Village, CA

Zhihua Liu (P93)

San Diego, CA

Tsun-Mei Chang (P92)

Associate Professor of Chemistry

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Kenosha, WI
Email: tsun-mei.chang (at)

Bernd Hartke (P90)

Professor of Theoretical Chemistry

Institute for Physical Chemistry, University of Kiel
Kiel, Germany
Email: hartke (at)

Barry C. Bolding (P89)

VP, Storage & Data Management / VP, Marketing

Cray Inc.
Seattle, WA
Email: bbolding (at)

Former Graduate Students

William Charles Witt (Chuck) (Ph.D. '19)

Postdoctoral Research Associate / Schmidt Fellow

University of Cambridge
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Email: witt.chuck (at)

Alexander J. Tkalych (Ph.D. ’18)

Data Scientist

Washington, DC
Email: ajtkal24 (at)

Martina Lessio (Ph.D. ’17)

Scientia Lecturer of Chemistry

University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia
Email: martina.lessio (at)

Jin Cheng (Ph.D. ’16)

Software Engineer

San Jose, CA
Email: chengjin1988 (at)

Andrew Ritzmann (Ph.D. ’16)

Chemical Engineer

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, WA
Email: andrew.ritzmann (at)

Victor Oyeyemi (Ph.D. ’16)

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Bloomberg, L.P.
New York, NY
Email: victor.oyeyemi (at)

Ting Tan (Ph.D. ’15)


National Center for Nanoscience and Technology
Beijing, China
Email: tant @

Nima Alidoust (Ph.D. ’15)

Project Manager

Rigetti Quantum Computing
Berkeley, CA
Email: nalidoust (at)

Junchao (Steven) Xia (Ph.D. ’15)

Quantitative Researcher

Citadel Securities
Chicago, IL
Email: stevenxiajunchao (at)

David B. Krisiloff (Ph.D. ’15)

Senior Research Scientist

Reston, Virginia
Email: davidkrisiloff (at)

Ilgyou (Isaac) Shin (Ph.D. ’13)

Senior Research Engineer

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Email: ilgyou81 (at)

Leah Isseroff Bendavid (Ph.D. ’13)

Assistant Professor in Chemistry

Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, NY
Email: leah.issseroff (at)

Dalal Kanan (Ph.D. ’13)

Adjunct Professor of Natural Sciences

Fordham University
New York, NY
Email: dkkanan (at)

Peilin Liao (Ph.D. ’12)

Assistant Professor of Materials Engineering

Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN
Email: (at)

Chen Huang (Ph.D. ’11)

Assistant Professor

Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL
Email: chuang3 (at)

Linda Hung (Ph.D. ’11)

Senior Research Scientist

Accelerated Materials Design and Discovery
Toyota Research Institute
Los Altos, CA
Email: linda.hung (at)

Tsz S. (Jeremy) Chwee (Ph.D. ’10)

Data Scientist

Sopra Steria Asia Private
Email: jeremychwee (at)

Kristen Marino (Ph.D. ’09)

Senior Scientist

LifeMine Therapeutics
Cambridge, MA
Email: kristen.a.marino (at)

Donald Johnson (Ph.D. ’09)

Technical Consultant

Alleman Hall Creasman & Tuttle LLP
Portland, OR
Email: donald.f.johnson (at)

Sahar Sharifzadeh (Ph.D. ’09)

Assistant Professor

Boston University
Boston, MA
Email: ssharifz (at)

Vincent Ligneres (Ph.D. ’08)

Email: vligneres (at)

Greg Ho (Ph.D. ’08)

Software Engineer

Two Sigma
New York, NY
Email: gregory.ho (at)

Andrew Szilva (Ph.D. ’06)


FairVote Illinois
Springfield, IL
Email: aszilva (at)

Keith Niedfeldt (Ph.D. ’06)

Quant Researcher

Tudor Investment Corporation
Greenwich, CT
Email: keith.niedfeldt (at)

De-en Jiang (Ph.D. ’05)

Professor of Chemistry

University of California Riverside
Riverside, CA
Email: de-en.jiang (at)

Baojing Zhou (Ph.D. ’04)

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Nanjing University of Science and Technology
Nanjing, China
Email: bzhouster (at)

Robin L. Hayes (Ph.D. ’04)

Program Manager

U.S. Department of Energy, Basic Energy Sciences
Washington, DC
Email: robin.hayes (at)

Vincent Cocula (Ph.D. ’04)

Vice President of Multi-Asset Strategy LifePath

Email: vcocula (at)

Amity Andersen (Ph.D. ’04)

Research Scientist, Molecular Science Computing

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, WA
Email: amity.andersen (at)

Derek Walter (Ph.D. ’03)

Litigation Associate

Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP
Redwood Shores, CA
Email: (at)

Emily Asche Jarvis (Ph.D. ’02)

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles, CA
Email: emily.jarvis (at)

Claudine C. Tazartes (Ph.D. ’97)

Research Scientist

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Gregg Reynolds (Ph.D. ’97)

Director of Software Development

Bellevue, WA
Email: greggr (at)

Doug A. DeMoss (Gibson) (Ph.D. ’96)

Principal System Administrator

Northrop Grumman Corporation
Eagan, MN
Email: demoss (at)

Michelle R. Radeke (Ph.D. ’96)

Associate Application Scientist

Wyatt Technology
Goleta, CA
Email: michelle (at)

Larry E. Carter (Ph.D. ’95)

Attorney in Intellectual Property

Edmonds & Cmaidalka
Houston, TX
Email: lcarter (at)

Todd J. Martinez (Ph.D. ’94)

Ehrsam and Franklin Professor of Chemistry

Stanford University
Stanford, CA
Professor of Photon Sciences,
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Stanford, CA
Email: todd.martinez (at)

Christine J. Wu (Ph.D. ’93)

Career Physicist

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, CA
Email: wu5 (at)

Paul C. Weakliem (Ph.D. ’92)

Research Computing Director

California NanoSystems Institute,
UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA
Email: weakliem (at)

Hua Wang (MS ’91)



Harold (Tracy) Wadleigh

Senior Scientist

Compound Eye
Palo Alto, CA

Anne Yu (MS99)

Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Instructor / Lab Coordinator

Occidental College
Los Angeles, CA
Email: ayu (at)

Wun Chiou (G99; MS03)


HighTech LA Charter High School
Los Angeles, CA
Email: wun (at)

Yi Qin (G89; MS91)

Professor of Chemistry

Phoenix College, Chemistry Department
Phoenix, AZ
Email: qin (at)

Todd M. Tamura (G88; MS90)


Tamura Environmental, Inc.
Petaluma, CA
Email: todd (at)

Former Visiting Graduate Students

Beatriz Gonzalez del Rio (VG ’13, ’14, ’15, ’16)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA
Email: beatriz.gonzalez (at)

Karin Carling (VG ’02)


Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant
Email: karin.carling (at)

Rathin Choudhury (VG ’02)

Developer, ION Trading

London, UK

David Garcia-Aldea (VG ’01)

Departmentode Fisica Fundamental

Madrid, Spain
Email: dgaldea (at)

Jerome Dabin

Email: dabin.jerome (at)

Former Undergraduate Students

Norleakvisoth (Visoth) Lim (UG19)

Graduate Student

UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA
Email: norleakvisoth (at)

Olivia Long (UG19)

Graduate Student

Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA
Email: oliviaylong (at)

Samuel Berman (UG18)


Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
Email: szberman (at)

Emily de Jong (UG18)

Graduate Student

California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA
Email: edejong (at)

Jessica Ho (UG17)


Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
Email: jh56 (at)

Graham Turk (U16)

Innovation Strategist

Green Mountain Power
Colchester, VT
Email: gturk (at)

Isabella Grabski (U16)

Graduate Student

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
Email: ing4 (at)

Joseph Abbate (U16)

Graduate Student

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Princeton, NJ
Email: jabbate (at)

Francis Ricci (U15)

Senior Software Engineer

New York, NY
Email: francisjricci (at)

Lucy Tang (U15)

Graduate Student

Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA
Email: ltang (at)

Rajiv Uttamchandani (U07)

General Education instructor (teaching physics, mathematics, and astronomy)

New York Film Academy
Northridge, CA
Actor, Affinity Artists Agency
Email: rawisraj316 (at)

Jason Kawasaki (U05, B.S.E.09)

Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Madison, WI
Email: jkawasaki (at)

Mitchell Ong (B.S. ’03)

Owner, Research Scientist, and Cybersecurity Consultant

DX JNE Data and Cyber Solutions LLC
Email: ong.mitch (at)

Marat Nepomnyashy (U98)

Senior Developer

System Administrator (C++/Java/SQL)
Email: marat07 (at)

Kathy L. Sorge (B.S. ’95)


University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA

Shervin Khodabandeh (B.S. ’93; Ph.D. Caltech)

Executive Director

Opera Solutions
Pasadena, CA

Benjamin C. Hitz (U91; BS92)

Researcher, Department of Genetics

Stanford University
Stanford, CA
Email: hitz (at)

David A. Blank (B.S. ’92; Ph.D. UCB)

3M/Alumni Professor / Distinguished University Teaching Professor / Department Head of Chemistry

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Minneapolis, MN
Email: blank (at)

Aseem Mehta (B.S. ’91; Ph.D. Caltech)

Morgan Stanley
Boston, MA
Email: aseem.mehta (at)

Former High School Students

Joanna Gubman (HS 00)

Los Angeles, CA

Arel Lidow (HS 99)

David Dickinson (HS 95)

Culver City, CA