Monbouquette Laboratory

We focus on the conception and development of new technologies derived from living things and on the molecular engineering of surfaces for materials and nanoelectronics applications.

Project Abstract

Research in the Monbouquette Lab is focused on sensors and diagnostics. In collaboration with UCLA neuroscientists, we are creating silicon-microprobe-based microsensors for neurotransmitters including glutamate, dopamine and acetylcholine. Our sensors currently are used to monitor neurochemical signaling in the brains of freely moving rats as needed for research on various neurological diseases and disorders including Parkinson’s disease and addiction. Also in collaboration with the Schmidt Lab (UCLA Bioengineering), we have demonstrated a novel PCR-free device for the detection of nucleic acids of specific sequence. This device may prove useful for the detection of pathogens in body fluids or foods and of biowarfare agents. Finally, we are continuing work on our promising homogeneous assay technology and its application to estradiol detection.