Benjamin Williams

Benjamin Williams

Professor and Lab Director

Benjamin Williams obtained his B.S. in Physics at Haverford College in 1996, where he performed thesis work on mixing in two-dimensional turbulent fluid flows, for which he received the American Physical Society Apker prize. He then received his M.S. in 1998 and Ph.D. in 2003 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. During this time he developed some of the first terahertz quantum cascade lasers. Prior to joining UCLA, Williams was a Postdoctoral Associate in the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT. Since 2007, Prof. Williams has been faculty in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCLA, and is a Henry Samueli Engineering Fellow. He was awarded a 2008 DARPA Young Faculty Award, the 2012 NSF CAREER award, and the 2013 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).

Yu Wu

Yu Wu

Graduate Student

Project: THz QC-VECSEL frequency combs

Yu received her B.S. in Physics from Nanjing University in June 2017.

Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim

Graduate Student

Project: THz QC-VECSELs for heterodyne local oscillators

Anthony received his B.S. from UCLA in Electrical Engineering in June 2018.

Eilam Morag

Eilam Morag

Graduate Student

Project: Mid-IR QC-lasers

Eilam received his B.S. from U. Michigan in Electrical Engineering in June 2018.

Mohammad Shahili

Mohammad Shahili

Graduate Student

Project: Design of novel active regions for THz and mid-IR lasers

Mohammad  received his B.S. from UCLA in Electrical Engineering in Dec 2018.

Jordane Bloomfield

Jordane Bloomfield

Graduate Student

Project: Nonlinear intersubband metasurfaces

Jordane received her B.S. from Miami University in May 2020.

Daniel McGovern

Undergraduate Student

Project: Self-mixing in THz QC-VECSELs

Heran Wang

Undergraduate Student

Project: TBD

Alex Song

Undergraduate Student

Project: Software for high-resolution FTIR


Yu Wu

Alumnus (PhD 2023)

Thesis: Towards actively mode locked terahertz quantum-cascade VECSELs
Currently postdoc at Stanford

Yue Shen

Alumnus (PhD 2023)

Thesis: THz Time-Domain Characterization of Amplifying Quantum-Cascade Metasurfaces
Currently at OmniML

Sandra Li

Alumnus (BS 2023)

Currently in grad school at Georgia Tech

Christopher Curwen

Alumnus (PhD 2019)

Thesis: Development of Terahertz Quantum-Cascade VECSELs
Currently at Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Luyao Xu

Alumnus (PhD 2017)

Thesis: Terahertz metasurface quantum cascade laser
Currently at Google

Jiawei Wang

Alumnus (MS 2017)

Currently at UCSB grad school.

Daguan Chen

Alumnus (BS 2017)

MS at UIUC, currently at Google.

Benjamin Burnett

Alumnus (PhD 2016)

Thesis: Design and Modeling of High Temperature Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers

Currently at Apple

Derrick Chu

Alumnus (BS 2015)

PhD at Georgia Tech, currently at Qualcomm.

Zhaowen He

Alumnus (MS 2022)

Philip Hon

Alumnus (PhD 2013)

Thesis: Beam Pattern Engineering of Metamaterial Terahertz Quantum-Cascade Devices
Currently at Northrop Grumman

Partia Naghibi

Alumnus (MS 2013)

Currently at Hughes Research Laboratory.

Amir Ali Tavallaee

Alumnus (PhD 2012)

Thesis: Terahertz Quantum-Cascade Transmission-Line Metamaterials

Currently at SiLC Technologies.

Karan Mehta

Alumnus (BS 2010)

PhD at MIT, Currently Assistant Professor at Cornell.