Divi – How to Edit Page

Page Structure

The module (in gray) is the smallest unit. A collection of modules create rows (in green), which create sections (in blue).

Move the module/row/section
Edit the module/row/section
Copy the module/row/section
Save the module/row/section to Library
Delete the module/row/section
Change the layout of the row
Step 1 - Open the page in the edit mode

You can either go to

  1. Dashboard -> Pages (or Posts if news), mouse hover the item, and click “Edit.”
  2. The page you want to edit. As long as you’re logged in, “Edit Page (or Post)” is available at the top of the page.
Step 2 - Open the module in the edit mode

Click the gear icon in the module you want to update.

Step 3 - Make changes
The content is under the “Content” tab.
Text module: If you’re comfortable with HTML code, you can switch the edit mode from “Visual” to “Text.”
Discard all the changes
Step 4 - Save

Once you finish editing, click “Preview Changes” to see what it looks like.

When everything looks good, click “Update.”
If the page is not live yet, the button says “Publish” instead of “Update.”