The International Quantum Cascade Laser School and Workshop 2024 celebrates 30 years since the first Quantum Cascade Laser was switched on by Federico Capasso’s group at Bell Labs, USA. Since then, a vast array of developments, new devices, scientific achievements and technological applications have been pursued, with an ever-increasing impact in a number of fields. This edition of the Conference represents a unique opportunity to report on the most recent breakthroughs, summoning top scientists in the field and paving the way to new directions from basic science to novel applications.

This unique forum will address fundamental physics, new designs and capabilities, as well as breakthrough applications of Quantum Cascade Lasers. It will foster broad international participation, including an industrial exhibition representing the technological achievements as well as tutorial sessions to launch the next generation of QCL scientists.

IQCLSW 2024 will be held in Ischia, Italy from August 25-30 2024.