The 15th instance of the Infrared Terahertz Quantum Workshop (ITQW) was held in Ojai, CA from September 15-20, 2019. It was hosted by the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science at UCLA, with Prof. Ben Williams as the general chair and organizer. This conference, previously known as Intersubband Transitions in Quantum Wells, is a workshop-style conference that aims to bring together academic, government, and industry scientists in an intimate venue to encourage close interaction and collaboration. 120 international participants attended, including almost half students. There was an industrial conference exhibit, and student poster and presentation prizes were awarded.

The theme of the conference is broadly defined as the exploration of novel physical phenomena in quantum- and electromagnetically-engineered photonic materials in the infrared and terahertz frequency range and the exploitation of these phenomena to create novel optoelectronic devices and applications. The infrared and terahertz frequency range is particularly interesting for realizing practical devices based on these design principles owing to relaxed fabrication tolerances, low loss of metals, controllable plasmonic and nonlinear optical properties of semiconductors and 2D materials, and our ability to engineer intersubband transitions in semiconductor heterostructures.

Thanks to all participants, sponsors, and organizers for making it a great success!