Recent results published with our collaborators show that moving to thinner active regions in THz QC-lasers result in improved thermal properties and higher operating temperatures in continuous-wave mode. Because of the effect of heterostructure interfaces, the GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well material has a low thermal conductivity compared to bulk GaAs. As a result, the thicker the active region, the more difficult it is to remove the heat.

This work was selected as an Editor’s Pick from AIP Advances.

Christopher A. Curwen, Sadhvikas J. Addamane, John L. Reno, Mohammad Shahili, Jonathan H. Kawamura, Ryan M. Briggs, Boris S. Karasik, and Benjamin S. Williams, “Thin THz QCL active regions for improved continuous-wave operating temperature,” AIP Advances, 11, 125018, 2021.