A few years ago, Celia Blanco and Sam Verbanic began analyzing Illumina data from our collaborator Burckhard Seelig’s laboratory. Since our existing tools were written for ribozyme selections, Celia and Sam wrote some new scripts to pre-process the data. Others in the lab quickly picked up their scripts for both ribozyme and mRNA display selections, and they decided to make this tool openly available. This paper reports their user-friendly program, EasyDIVER, which can be found on Github.

Blanco, C., Verbanic, S., Seelig, B., Chen, I.A., 2020. EasyDIVER: A Pipeline for Assembling and Counting High-Throughput Sequencing Data from In Vitro Evolution of Nucleic Acids or Peptides. Journal of Molecular Evolution 88, 477–481.. doi:10.1007/s00239-020-09954-0